About Us

It all started in 2008. A skinny stray dog wandered up to my front porch wearing a collar with a tag. On the tag was nothing more than his name and a phone number. I called the number but no answer, no voice mail, nothing. The number provided was either changed or out of service.

This pet's ID had failed him.

Was he micro-chipped? A visual inspection of the animal couldn't tell us. After several unsuccessful attempts to locate the owner, the dog was taken to a shelter. I don't know what happened to that dog, but I thought about him a lot. Was he loved? Was there a family missing their companion and searching for his whereabouts? Suddenly the whole idea of identifying pets seemed like it needed a makeover, and an idea was born.

I talked about this with a friend and associate and we started brainstorming on how to improve the whole pet ID system. What if that family could've provided more information? What if there was another way to contact them? What if the ID tag could've said more about this dog? What if the ID tag could use the power of the internet?

Well now it can….Introducing My Pet Registry! With your pet's lifetime membership to My Pet Registry you can easily update your pet's vital information on the internet and link it right back to your pet's ID tag. Of course the basic information is still present, your animal's name and a primary contact number are visually displayed. But there's also a web link and a unique identifier printed right on the tag that can provide as much additional information as you'd like.

Things like:

  • Alternate contact numbers
  • Additional points of contact (family members or neighbors)
  • Vet Information
  • Dietary needs or restrictions
  • Medical needs
  • The pet's disposition around children or other animals
  • And much, much more.

Think of it like a social media page for your pet.

Now if your beloved pet goes missing, you can rest assured knowing his primary ID tag is providing the most up to date information to bring him back safely to you.

We hope you'll check out all we have to offer and consider us when planning for the safety of your pet's. Welcome to a new way of thinking about pet ID's.