Custom Pet Tag

Helping Your Pet Get Home if Missing

Each membership includes a custom engraved tag for your pet. You choose from available styles and colors.  Each tag includes the following information:

  • Your pet's name
  • Your phone number
  • Your pet's unique online ID number at

The engraved phone number should be your primary contact information.  In the event you cannot be reached via phone, the My Pet Registry unique ID number can be entered for alternate contact information and vital pet data.  This information can be crucial to returning your pet safely to you.

Our tags are manufactured using the finest material available and to the highest of quality standards in ISO9002 certified facilities.

Each tag is formed first, then finished. This process protects all the surfaces, including the edges and attachment hole, creating a more durable finish resulting in a much longer lasting tag. Our tags are 20% thicker and exceedingly stronger than those typically available from the competition.

All tags come with industrial gauge attachment rings in zinc-plated spring-tempered steel providing both maximum strength and corrosion resistance to ensure the ID tags stay attached under even the toughest conditions

Our pet tags currently come in two shapes, with more to be added in the future:

  • Bone
  • Circle

You also have a choice of four colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black