MyPetReg vs. Competing Products

How do we stack up?

My Pet Registry aims to provide a feature rich, powerful and affordable product that stands strong against our competition. The chart below outlines some of our flagship features and how they stand up against our competitors.

Standard Tags Microchips My Pet Registry
Multiple Contact Points (phone, email, address) Info No Yes Yes
Clearly Visible on Pet / Easy for Someone to See Yes No Yes
Online Access to Pet and Owner Information Info No Partial Yes
Medical and Veterinary Information immediately accessible No No Yes
Dietary Needs and Information immediately accessible No No Yes
Immediate access to shelter contact information Info No No Yes
Automatic Creation of Lost Pet Flyers Info No No Yes
Alternate Contact information Info No No Yes
Pet Data Accessible to Everyone Info Yes No Yes
Missing Pet Tools (IE Lost Pet Flyers) Info No No Yes
ZERO additional Costs Info Yes No Yes
Add Microchip Info On Tag for Even More Protection Info No No Yes

As you can see, My Pet Registry adds a lot of features for the value. We want to be the system that keeps your pet safe and gives you piece of mind without burning a hole in your wallet.